Topsoil & Dirt

Unscreened Topsoil: Just as we excavate from source, subject to have grass, roots, sticks, rocks, debris, etc. Commonly used to fill in yard low spots, fill in holes from tree removal, or cover existing dirt or for general landscaping.

2 Screened Topsoil: Processed through a screen which will separate most objects larger than 2. Commonly used for yard , garden and flower beds.

Pit Gravel: Rocky, sandy, clay dirt, compacts well. Commonly used for site preparation prior to adding stone or building pads prior to pouring concrete. Limited availability.

Fill Dirt: Rocky, clay dirt, compacts well. Commonly used to fill low areas prior to use of topsoil, to build up building pads, to build up or fill in driveways and paths prior to placing gravel.

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